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Photo and Video Shooting

Photo and Video Shooting

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Characteristics of the photo and video shooting

Factory environment shooting

his module includes the shooting of factory appearance, workshop
interior, office area and other environments. The purpose is to
show the overall scale, neatness and modernization of the factory,
as well as the environment for safe production.

Production equipment shooting

Filming of the main production equipment of the factory,
including shots of the operation of the machines, in order to
show the production capacity and technical level of the factory.
The focus is on the advanced nature of the equipment and the
degree of automation.

Product Display Shooting

Filming of the factory's products, including finished and
semi-finished products. Demonstrate the features, quality
and service of the products to enhance the trust of customers.

Operation Process Photography

Photograph the production process and operation steps of the
products to show the production efficiency and quality control
process of the factory, so that customers can understand the
business capacity and operation standards of the factory.

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