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The reason for the failure of official website SEO, have you been recruited?


website SEO is a important means to acquire flow, enhance brand awareness.

however, in practice, many corporate website SEO is not successful.

So, what are the reasons for the failure of official website SEO?


goal is not clear

SEO goal is to make web site in the search Ranking high in the index engine, get more traffic.

if the target not clear , cannot make rational SEO strategy, SEOeffect will be greatly reduced .

for chestnut

a clothing company hopes that by SEO enhance brand awareness, but there is no clear specific goals, such as the hope in the search engine in the top 10 . Or you want to get 10000clicks. Due to unclear objectives, SEOteams are unable to identify priorities when developing strategies, resulting in SEOineffective.

keyword selection inappropriate

Keyword selection is the basis of SEO, choosing the right keywords can improve website ranking and traffic.

However, many companies are not careful when choosing keywords, Choose some competitive , traffic is keywords, lead to SEO the effect not beautiful .

for chestnut

a furniture company hope that through SEO promotion product sales, choose the "furniture" as keywords. However, "furniture" is a very competitive keyword, and the search results are filled with a large number of large furniture mall websites. Due to the fierce competition, the furniture company's website is difficult to rank high in the search results, and the SEO effect is naturally not ideal.

content quality is not high

content on the website is SEO Important, quality directly affects the ranking.

but many companies do not take the content quality , cannot meet the user requirements . Result in the user experience and site weight drop , affect SEO .

for chestnut

a catering company hopes that by SEO promotion online orders, wrote a lot about food.

However, these articles are empty and have no substantive content and cannot meet the needs of users.

Because the content quality is not high, the search engine reduces the weight of the website, SEOeffect is naturally not ideal.


Stand structure unreasonable

site structure is reasonable, Conducive to search engine crawl and to understand web site content, so as to improve website ranking.

Unreasonable website structure, will cause the search engine can not correctly understand the content of the website, thereby reducing the website ranking.

A chestnut

a tech company construction site, but the site structure is very complex, levels, the important content in the search engine to quickly find the website.

Due to the unreasonable structure of the website, the search engine reduces the weight of the website, and the effect of SEOis naturally not ideal.


using anchor text error

internal links of anchor text and keywords, 541 related, can help search engines better understand the content of the site, thereby improving the page's ranking in the search results.

Conversely, if the anchor text is not related to the keyword, it will reduce the ranking chances of the page.

A chestnut

"click here", "resource", "more" than a descriptive anchor text to search engine crawler to understand the content of the different pages of your site or check with the user Ask for the most relevant content.


damage and low quality links to

if the website has too many damage too many links, pointing to low quality domain outgoing links or other link problems, search engines will rate the site as low quality.

A chestnut

a e-commerce sites, there are many goods on the website page, each commodity page has links to other related products.

However, some product pages may have been removed or changed over time, resulting in links that cannot be accessed properly.

In addition, in order to increase external links, the site added a number of external links to other low-quality websites.

the site loads slower

there are many moving parts to large sites quickly Run fast, they are essential for any enterprise SEOplan.

a slowly website will be fully to weaken the any and all enterprises of SEO to .

A chestnut

in SEO in the plan, you may have to optimize the site's content, using the right keywords, And build high quality links.

but if the web site loading speed is slow, the SEO efforts may be in vain.

Because the website loading speed has a great impact on the user experience and search engine rankings, slow loading websites may lead to user loss and will not be prioritising by search engines.


site weight less than

if smaller or Emerging companies with enterprise-grade websites may not have enough website weight to rank in competitive keywords for the time being.

therefore, to reduce competition goals is particularly important at this stage, so that we can improve the authority while a small victory.

A chestnut

a green environmental protection product company, the main plastic disposable tableware. In the early days, they can optimize these long-tail keywords by selecting specific and less competitive keywords, such as "plastic-free disposable chopsticks", "environmentally friendly bamboo spoons", etc., in order to obtain rankings in smaller markets and attract precise target customers.

insufficient external link building

external links the site weight is very important, Insufficient external links can affect site rankings.

but many businesses in the building of the external links not enough attention, lead to lack of external links , this to reduce site weight . Thus affecting the SEOeffect.

for chestnut 

competition two e-commerce sites, a have a lot of high quality external links, another is less and the quality is not high.

When it comes to search engine rankings, sites with high quality external links have high weights and top rankings.

Sites with insufficient external links have low weight and may rank low, resulting in reduced traffic and sales.


web site maintenance does not reach the designated position

Website content update and structural adjustment is the key to SEO, maintenance is not in place will affect the effect.

Some enterprises only focus on construction, neglect maintenance, content outdated , unreasonable structure of . Affects SEOeffect.

for chestnut

a e-commerce sites in the initial stage of a large amount of SEO optimization, ranking high, large traffic.

But do not update the content and adjust the structure for a long time, resulting in outdated content, can not meet user needs, traffic reduction, SEOeffect decline.


SEOis a complex work that requires enterprises to fully understand the relevant knowledge of SEO, develop a reasonable SEOstrategy, and persistently carry out SEOoptimization.

only in this way, can we improve website the success rate of SEO.