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Accurate wording is a required course for enterprises to "go to sea"


in the context of globalization, the enterprise's official website of multi-language version became the important bridge connecting the different countries and regions of the user. However, if you ensure that the website is button and words are translated accurately and authentically ?

this article will help you to check one by one, make sure it is your professional foreign language website.

01 Navigation

navigation is the key to the user to find the required information in the website. Make sure your foreign language website navigation is clear and accurate and avoid translation errors.

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"homepage & quot; "As" "Home", "Product"; "As" Products "," "Service" "As" Services" Let's wait. Note that websites in different languages may need to be adapted appropriately to the local user's habits.

02 to buy

the buy button is to guide users to complete the transaction To the link. Make sure you use the correct Buy verbs in your foreign language website.

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" Buy Now" ", "Shop Now", "Book Now" Purchase Now" Let's wait. At the same time, make sure that the design and position of the buttons are eye-catching and easy for users to operate.

03 for more

"for more & quot; Buttons are typically used to guide the user to understand a product or service . In translation, the original meaning should be maintained.

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& quot; Learn More ", "Discover More" Find Out More" Let's wait. Make sure that the text of the button is clear and concise, so that users can click on it.

04 Contact us

Contact us is an important way for users to get in touch with the company. When translating, use expressions that are familiar to local users .

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& quot; Contact Us" "Chat with us" Reach Out" Let's wait. At the same time, ensure that the contact information is accurate, including telephone, email, address, etc.

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05 About us

"& about us quot; Part is a window for users to understand the corporate background and culture. In translation, should maintain information accuracy and readability .

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& quot; About Us ", "Our Story", "Our story" Company Profile" Let's wait.

06 to see discount

If there is a promotion on the official website, "View offers"; Buttons are the key to attracting users to promotions .

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translation, should use & quot; View Offers ", "See Deals" Check Out Our Promotions" And so on.

07 multi-language selection

multi-language selection Is an important part of the internationalization of the official website. Make sure that your foreign language website provides convenient user to switch language .

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drop-down choice of language or & quot; Language" "Or" Select Language" Let's wait.

08 to return to the top

"to return to the top & quot; Button to help users quickly returned at the top of the page, and improve the browsing experience .

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in translation, should be used as & quot; "Back to Top", "Return to Top", "back to top" Go to Top" And so on.



button and words in a foreign language website translation, accurately and authentically It is essential to enhance the user experience and brand image. When designing foreign official websites, the language habits and cultural background of the target market should be fully considered, the appropriate translation expression should be selected, and the localization adjustment should be made if necessary.

Through detailed localization processing, your foreign official website will be more professional, friendly, and effectively attract and serve global users.