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Solve the Google search puzzle: Get your company to the top of the search list!


first, you need to ask yourself the following a few basic questions about website.


if my website is Google included right?


at the top of Google search?


to provide quality content for Google users?


through Google analytics to optimize the user experience?



whether to follow the rules of search engine optimization (SEO)?

Build top site

SEO Search engine optimization comprehensive guide!

SEO search engine network The optimization of the importance of

SEO Search engine website optimization refers to the optimization of the structure of the website, content and other relevant factors, so that the website gets a better ranking in search engines, thereby increasing traffic and exposure. Here are embodied in the importance of SEO website optimization search engine:

{{21 8 1}}. Increase traffic and exposure

With SEO strategies, make your website top in search engines and attract more users to click on it. Optimize your website, not only to increase exposure, but also to let potential customers continue to flock to your website, to achieve traffic surge.

2. Enhance brand image and credibility

Let the user shine! Through search engine optimization, let your website rankings jump to the forefront, show brand authority and credibility, let your brand stand out in the competition.

3. Save the market cost

Low cost and high effect SEO search engine optimization, say goodbye to burning money advertising, open a new chapter of free accurate traffic!

S EO search engine site optimization of the key strategies

1. Web analytics

{{36 1}}

website present situation analysis of

analysis web site in the search engine rankings, traffic and user behavior data, understand the advantages and disadvantages of web site.

A chestnut

1. I can rank in search engine results by searching "food machine" and other website related keywords. If the ranking is high, it means that the website has done a good job in search engine optimization; If you rank low, you may need to optimize.

2. through traffic analysis Tools, we can view the official website visits, page views, user stay time and other data. This data can help us understand the traffic situation of the website, so as to identify areas for improvement.

"know thy enemy - competition analysis"

to analyze competitors web site optimization strategy, keywords, content, external links, etc., to find a gap.

A chestnut

1. We can get an idea of our competitor's keyword strategy and content layout by looking at their meta tags, titles, descriptions, etc. For example, we found that the title and description of website A contain keywords such as "e-cigarette" and "smoking cessation", while website B pays more attention to words such as "healthy" and "harmless". This information can help us understand the main direction and target users of our competitors.

2. through keyword research tools, understand the competitors keywords ranking and searches. For example, if we find that the C website has a higher ranking on the word "e-cigarette brand" than our website, then we can consider optimizing this word to improve our ranking.

industry analysis

the development trend of industry, industry standards, such as hot topic and provide direction for website optimization.

A chestnut

to Fleet Feet website analysis: Through the research of sports equipment industry for product quality, function, comfort and other aspects have high requirements, and currently consumers are more concerned about healthy lifestyle, exercise and weight loss and other topics. Therefore, we can clearly display our product quality assurance, various functions and comfort on the official website and increase the relevant theme product display on the official website, or launch relevant healthy lifestyle, exercise and weight loss related products to attract users' attention and purchase.

2. Keywords selection and optimization of

keyword analysis }

Analyze the core keywords and long-tail keywords of the website, select the keywords with search value, relevance and conversion rate.

A chestnut

o caso English website, for example, its core keywords can be "English training", "English", etc. And its long tail keywords may include "business English training", "IELTS training course" and so on.

Keyword layout

The selected keywords are reasonably distributed in the website title, description, body, picture and other elements.

A chestnut

key word is "health food", so the title of the site can be "so-and-so health food website - provide you with high quality organic food"; Website description can be written as "certain health food official website, to provide you with a variety of organic food, including organic vegetables, organic fruits, etc., healthy and delicious, welcome to buy"; If the picture of organic food, you can write "organic food" in the alt tag according to the specific content of the website and the characteristics of the keywords to layout.

3. Content to

{{68 2}}

content strategy

has value associated with the website theme, making the content of the strategy, improve the user experience.

A chestnut

o caso English, for example, we can recommend Posting regular learning resources, online courses, learning skills, etc. These content can not only meet the needs of users, but also improve the traffic of the website.


{{733 Ensure the originality of the website content and increase the authority of the website.

A chestnut

we can invite professional education workers or learning experts to write original articles, and share their professional knowledge.

content updates

{{77 6) Update the website content regularly to keep the website active.

A chestnut

we can release a new learning resources recommended weekly, monthly published an article the trend of the education industry. Analyze.

4. The website structure optimization

navigation optimization

to optimize the navigation menu, convenient for users to quickly find the required content.

A chestnut

to domestic taobao/Tmall's website as an example, the navigation bar can be divided into "home page", "classification of goods", "promotion", "customer service" and other columns, Let the user at a glance.

chain optimization within

to increase the chain, improve the relevance between the pages.

A chestnut

in an article about skin care products, we can add links to related skincare products page.

layout optimization

Optimize website layout and improve user experience.

A chestnut

to domestic taobao Tmall, for example, we can design home page to show popular goods and the area of sales promotion, commodity classification page is designed to display a list of all kinds of goods, The product details page is designed to display the details of the product, etc.

5. External link building

{{101 1}}

to find partners

a partnership with other related web site, promote each other.

for chestnut

a tourist site, for example, We can cooperate with a travel agency to launch a joint offer to promote each other's products and websites.

{{social media promotion 1062}}

Share website content on social media platforms to increase website visibility.

for chestnut

we can abroad social media such as weibo, trill media facebo or foreign clubs Publish original content such as travel guides and scenic spots on platforms such as ok and youtube, and attach website links to guide users to visit our website.


to seek high quality links, improve site weight.


for chestnut

{{113 6} We can exchange links with the same industry, content related and high weight websites to improve the weight and exposure of our website.

6. Technology optimization

{{11 73}}

tag optimization SEO

to optimize the site title, keywords, description, and so on SEO tags, improve the search engine included.

for chestnut

a e-commerce sites, for example, we can optimize title for the product page, Include product name and key keywords; Optimize keyword tags, select keywords related to the product and high search volume; Optimize description labels to detail product features and benefits.

web site speed optimization

to improve web page loading speed, optimizing performance.

for chestnut

we can compress images, reduce page request; Using caching technology to reduce page loading time; Optimize the database to improve the efficiency of website operation.

the mobile end

to realize responsive design, adapt to the mobile terminal equipment.

for chestnut

we can use the flexible layout, make the page adaptive display on different equipment; Optimize touch elements to improve mobile user experience; Optimize page interaction and adapt to the operation habits of mobile devices.

7. Monitoring and adjusting the

{{1 345}}

data monitoring

note rankings, traffic, conversion rate and other key indicators, understand the optimization effect.

for chestnut

we can use Google Tools such as Analytics to monitor website traffic and understand where users are coming from, what pages they visit and what purchases they make; At the same time, pay attention to the keyword ranking and the external chain of the website, and evaluate the SEO optimization effect.

problem screen

to find problems existing in the site, to adjust.

for chestnut

through Google Search Tools such as Console check the website for technical problems, such as 404 errors, dead chains, etc. Understand problems with products and services through user feedback and reviews and make improvements.

to continuously optimize

according to the data and the actual situation, continuously optimize site, improve search engine rankings.

for chestnut

according to user's behavior data, regularly updated content, Such as publishing new articles, product information, etc.; According to keyword ranking, adjust SEO strategy to improve keyword optimization effect; Constantly update products and content to improve the freshness and attractiveness of the website.

to summarize

SEO website optimization search engine for the offer It is important to increase the ranking of your website and increase traffic and exposure. Through key strategies such as keyword optimization, content quality and update, and website structure and navigation optimization, the competitiveness and visibility of the website can be effectively improved.

In the implementation of website optimization process, you need to continue to learn and follow up, pay attention to the changes in search engine algorithms, according to the latest optimization skills to adjust and improve.

believe that through SEO search engine website optimization, your website will be able to get a better ranking in the search engine, attract more users to visit and convert.