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Business Counterattack: 25 days to achieve website reshaping


today to share a "business counter attack: 25 days to achieve website plastic" .


all project delivery process is divided into the following stages:

  1. conceptualization : understand customer needs, and conceptual structure of the site, the design and function.

  2. wireframes : create a website's visual layout, says shows the locations of the elements and users of the web browsing path.

  3. design : design team to create the visual elements, including graphics, typography, and color scheme, and ensure that the design of user friendly and in accordance with customer's brand.

  4. development : development teams start coding websites, create the front (the user sees and interacts with part) and the back-end server-side process and database components.

  5. content creation : content writers and strategist development will fill the website text, images, and multimedia content, focus on SEO and user engagement.

  6. test : site in different browsers and devices for a thorough testing, to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. User testing may also be conducted to gather feedback on the usability of the site.

  7. to adjust the : Based on the testing feedback, the development team made the necessary adjustments to the site to fix bugs, improve usability, and improve the overall user experience.

  8. Go live. : The site is open to the public. Announcements or soft launches may be planned to gradually introduce users to the site.

  9. monitoring and maintaining the : after online, monitoring site performance and user feedback. It is regularly updated and maintained to ensure that the website remains functional and up-to-date.

  10. handover : The project will be handed over to the client, Website will be transferred to the ongoing management under their control

Day 1

The Ecred website needs to be fully upgraded to meet user needs and reflect innovation. This is not only about improving appearance and functionality, but also about providing a better user experience that is intuitive and in line with current design trends.

Day 2

There may be diversity in the design of battery company websites around the world, but in general, these websites tend to adopt a modern, clear, user-friendly design.

Day 3~4  

The importance of sketches in the design process varies with the context. It in the product creation, project size, designers, personal characteristics, experience, working method and a different role in customer expectations

Day 5~7  

The visual design of the enterprise's official website is crucial to the brand image and user experience. Professional design should reflect the brand style, while pursuing a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Day 8~12

Development and debugging is a series of processes to ensure that the website has perfect functions, superior performance and good user experience. Including front-end development, back-end development, testing, etc.

Day 12~17

Content editing is a key link to ensure that the information on a website is accurate, attractive and readable.

images and video shooting is a vital link, because they are able to enhance the visual impact of the site, enhance the user experience. And communicate brand messages and stories effectively.

to graphic design is the important link of the website visual effect, enhance the user experience.

Day 18~22

Content is king, Optimization is will - SEO optimization is a technique and strategy to improve the ranking of a company's official website in search engines to increase natural search traffic, improve brand visibility and promote business growth.

Day 23~25

The quality assurance, on-line, monitoring and maintenance in the official website construction process is the key link to ensure the stable operation of the website, provide a good user experience and continuously optimize the website performance.

after the handover 

it marked the website construction work completed And the start of website operations. After the handover, the website will be handed over to the relevant departments of the enterprise or dedicated website administrators for daily operation and maintenance work.