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15 reasons why "foreigners" prefer independent stations


with the rise of global electricity, independent stand the first selection of online shopping has become more and more foreigners. What makes independent stations so popular? Below, let's delve into 15 mysterious reasons why foreigners prefer to place orders at independent stations, and take a look at the magic behind it.

1. Unique and customized shopping experience

Foreigners pay more attention to the quality and individuation of goods when shopping, and prefer unique design and non-popular products, so the personalized handmade products and artworks provided by independent stations are more in line with their shopping habits.

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Independent clothing brand SHOPSEE provides personalized clothing design services, and customers can customize unique clothing according to their preferences.

2. Perfect payment system

Foreign payment systems are mature, with many credit cards per capita and PayPal and other tools to protect the rights and interests of buyers. The buyer can refund even long after the purchase, and if the seller does not agree, the payment company will intervene to refund and punish the seller, so the risk of online shopping abroad is low.

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a foreign consumers buy a dress on electric business platform, found that quality problems after receiving the goods. Even if two months have passed, consumers can still apply for a refund. If the seller refuses to refund the money, the consumer can turn to a payment company, such as PayPal.

3. Advantages of price and discount

Independent sites are usually more affordable because they have no platform fees, ship directly and communicate with consumers. They can also offer special deals to regular customers during holidays.

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Farfetch often have special discount activity, attract customers to come to snap up.

4. Dependence on Google

Foreign consumers rely heavily on Google search for shopping, and many websites can attract a lot of free traffic through Google rankings through SEO optimization without paying advertising. They trust Google to provide comprehensive and accurate information to help them make shopping choices, so Google is important to their shopping habits.

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for example, foreign consumers want to buy mobile phones, through Google search evaluation, check the top sites such as & quot; Android Authority" "quot; TechCrunch" To compare mobile phones.

5. Impulsive consumption

In foreign countries, many consumers are not particularly sensitive to price and are more inclined to make impulse purchases, often by swiping a credit card to complete the transaction. This consumption behavior may stem from a whim to shop.

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when washing the dishes, if encounter difficult in addition to the oil and rust, people may be recommended to attract on social platforms, buy claims to efficient cleaning tools.

6.  Fast delivery service

Many independent stations offer faster delivery services compared to other platforms, improving foreigners' shopping satisfaction.

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ASOS provide global fast delivery service, to ensure that customers can receive goods in a short period of time.

7. High quality customer service

Independent stations generally provide more focused and personalized customer service, including quick response and problem resolution.

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Anthropologie's customer service team is known for his patience and meticulous, to help customers solve the problem of all kinds of shopping.

8. Rewards and reward scheme

Through the points reward program, Independence Station encourages repeat visits and repeat purchases.

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Sephora's rewards program allows customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for gifts as they shop.

9. Social media interactive

Independent sites are often more active in engaging with customers on social media to enhance brand image and customer loyalty.

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sets of independent brand fashion by releasing beautiful pictures and stories, attract customers attention.

to 10. Environmental sustainability and

More and more independent stations emphasize environmental protection and sustainability, attracting eco-conscious foreigners.

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Allbirds in sustainable materials footwear, attracting many customers in the field of environmental protection consciousness is strong.

to 11. Brand story and values

Independent stations often have distinct brand stories and values that resonate with those of foreigners.

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Patagonia through its brand story and the environmental protection standpoint, attracted a lot of attention to social responsibility of the foreigner customers.

to 12. Trial and experience the opportunity to

Some independent sites offer trial or experience opportunities, so that foreigners can feel the product before buying.

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Sephora stores provide cosmetics trial, let the customer can test the product effect.

13. Timed promotions and snapping up

Limited time discounts and promotions provide an exciting shopping experience for foreigners.

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Hautelook flash sales website through limited-time discount promotions, attracted a large number of customers seeking cost-effective.

to 14. High-quality after-sales service

Independent stations usually provide better after-sales service, ensuring that foreigners can get satisfactory service even after shopping.

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TOMS offer unlimited free after-sales service, return time and enhance the customer loyalty.

to 15. Sense of community and belonging

Independent stations often build a positive community and make foreigners feel like they are part of a unique group.

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Threads Social websites such as through community discussion and share, Build a community that supports independent brands.


With the continuous development of independent station and the improvement of personalized service, it is expected to attract more foreigners to join the ranks of independent station shopping in the future.